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Body treatments

Full body scrub

Our own sea salt-cream peeling leaves your skin velvety soft.

Treatment duration 20 minutes
Rate € 25,-

Body wrap

With pure essences of healing plants, refined natural oils and fragrances.

Nourishing for skin and senses.

Treatment duration 20 minutes
Rate € 25,-

Special-cellulite application

  • Energetic meridian-brush massage
  • Partial body peeling
  • Connective tissue massage
  • Body wrap
  • Decongesting foot massage
  • Purging alkaline bath

Treatment duration 110 minutes
Rate € 140,-

Ayurasan - wellness treatment

Source of beauty and relaxation to get those energy forces flowing again.

Individual effective herb essences and warm oils are applied using a special massage technique. The combination of warmth and soothing stimuli intensively promotes metabolism of skin and organs. The body is effectively and gently purified. Herb and blossom infused steam baths complement your customized treatment. The concluding resting time of 60 minutes is used to achieve deep relaxation.

Full body treatment incl. alkaline bath
Treatment duration 75 minutes
Rate € 96,-

Partial body treatment (head, chest and neck)
Treatment duration 45 minutes

Rate € 72,-

Bioenergetic aroma meridian therapy according to the 5 elements

This therapy restores your body’s natural strength, boosts metabolism, supports blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and excessive fat accumulations, firms the skin, delays the skin aging process and brings inner peace and serenity.

The plant essences combined with the premium essential oils reflect your personality and are individually adapted to your skin and tissue type. The manual reflex zone therapy targeted at meridian points loosens energetic blockages thereby increasing the organs’ energies. Drainages effectively clear metabolic waste from the tissue.

Partial body treatments
Treatment duration 25
Rate € 69,-

Full body treatment
Treatment duration 55 minutes
Rate € 89,-

Baths - skin like velvet & silk

Relax with a customized wellbeing bath.

Choose from:

  • Melissa - relaxing
  • Lavender - relaxing
  • Rosemary – stimulates circulation
  • Spruce needle – stimulates circulation
  • Eucalyptus – helps relieve colds
  • Chamomile – gently nourishing
  • Alkaline bath – with purging effects

Treatment duration 20 minutes
Rate € 25,-

Schiele foot bath - health care

Stimulates metabolism and activates the immune system, has purging effects and stabilizes the circulatory system, suitable to combat common colds.

Treatment duration 20 minutes
Rate € 20,-


From Granny’s medicine cabinet

Relieving, soothing and relaxing

Choose from:

  • Bronchial wraps (mucus dissolving)
  • Liver wraps (detoxifying)
  • Curd cheese wrap (anti-inflammatory)
  • Hot salt wrap (purging)

Treatment duration 20 minutes
Rate € 20,-

Breathe again

Thyme-herb inhalation supports the healing process in case of colds.

Treatment duration 20 minutes
Rate € 20,-

Bach flower treatment

with Ms Obweger

The duration of the treatment duration is customized to your wishes and requirements.

Rate from € 20,-

Hand & Foot

Medical pedicure

Incl. invigorating foot bath and foot massage

Pampering time 45 Minuten
Rate € 37,-

With polish € 41,-


Incl. soothing chamomile bath and hand massage

Pampering time 45 Minuten
Rate € 29,-
with polish € 37,-

Hair removal with resin

Upon request